Telephone Call Accounting & Management System

No more missed business opportunities due to un-answered calls. CAMS2000 gives list of missed calls! Concerned about time wasted on phones? How to reduce phone bills? What are the top most costly calls? Who is talking the most on phone? Which phone number is contacted the most by your company? Wish to monitor specific numbers in a separate report? CAMS2000 is the answer!    

CAMS2000 (Call Accounting and Management System) is a call accounting software that will help you, because employees will know that time and money spent by them on incoming / outgoing calls made through PABX system are being logged and reviewed.


CAMS2000 will put that smile back on your face L -> J


CAMS2000 Reports

Un-answered (Missed) Calls

Top Calls By Cost

Top Calls By Duration

Top Calls By Frequency Of Contact

User Statistics

Division Department Cost Analysis

Alerts (specified numbers calls in a report)

Extension Wise Details

Date Wise Details

Date Wise Details (Filtered For Lost Calls)

Date Wise Details (Filtered For Cost Range)

Trunk Lines Analysis - 24 Hours Spread

Inward Calls Ring Analysis - 24 Hours Spread

Powerful Filtering Feature For All Reports

Option to schedule reports by email

“Un-answered calls and trunk line analysis reports have helped in better business”.

“Reports of calls with long duration and high cost resulted in improved utilization of resources”.

Please call us to setup an E-Meeting using Join.Me. It will take just 5 minutes to start the meeting from the comfort of your office.

Within 15 minutes you will be able to see all the sample reports. You can also see how the powerful filter feature is used.


Email Option: Receive reports automatically by email– just set the filter and schedule.


As one of our clients said,

“Calls may be free, but my employees’ time is not. Ensuring that it is used properly is my responsibility and for that I need a suitable tool.”


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