The old Emirates ID registration office of Sharjah was located in Tawun Mall. This has been closed down. 


The new office is on Sharjah Airport Road (Dhaid Road). The Airport is on interchange #4. Emirates ID Authority registration office is beyond that, near interchange #6. 


Please DO NOT call us for Emirates ID related queries.
We (Softools Middle East) have put up the location map of Emirates ID Sharjah office to help people reaching it but we are in no way connected to them.

We are a computer software company that provides following solutions.

1. Phone Call Details from Avaya, Panasonic, NEC and other PBXs (aka Call Tracking, Call Monitoring, Call Accounting).
2. Advance Time Tracking for attendance using fingerprint, RFID and other type of readers
3. HR and Payroll solution (including WPS) with document expiry notification
4. Faxing solutions- single and multi users
5. Email based solutions like mass-emailing
6. Statement Automation to send monthly statements automatically by fax or email
7. Other automations like PC based factory control, RFID based access control etc.

Our expertise is in understanding customerís needs and providing solutions, which may sometimes require a combination of software development and integration with other systems. Statement Automation is an example.

To contact SOFTOOLS MIDDLE EAST, call 050 6340258


While driving from Sharjah to Dhaid, first you have to pass the airport on the left side and then continue driving till you almost reach interchange 6. You need to take a diversion just before the interchange #6 to cross over to left side (same side as airport).

Remember: the diversion is before the interchange #6 - there are sign boards for your guidance from that point onwards. 

Location Map Of Emirates ID Office in Sharjah

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