HR2020 Personnel & Payroll System

HR2020 Human Resources Personnel and Payroll system is a powerful solution which can help streamline the important functions related to employees viz. salary payment and maintaining other records.

HR2020 is a comprehensive, easy to use HR and Payroll Management solution. It is a cost effective solution that meets requirements that are expected of an HR & Payroll system today. Features like document (passport, visa, labour card etc) expiry alerts for the employees as well as for the company (trade license, car registration, tenancy contracts etc) make it ideal software for Gulf & Middle East.

Feature Filled Payroll & Human Resource Software: Small and big enterprises will find HR2020 suit their requirements. For example you can print pay-slips as well as email them to individual employees.

PSSF, GOSI, PF: This is an International practice that goes by different names in different countries. Employee and Employer make a contribution towards superannuating of the employee. HR2020 provides for this need.

Country specific features:  In United Arab Emirates employer needs to create a SIF file as per specification laid down in WPS (Wages Protection System) as per UAE Central Bank and Ministry of Labour (MOL). HR2020 creates error free SIF file and removes the headache of rejections and delays. Similarly some countries have 3 types of over-time. HR2020 takes care of that. Gratuity, sick leaves, leave travel allowances can be different in different countries and companies. HR2020 can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Employee Master: Details such as name, department, joining date, salary (basic pay, house rent, car allowances etc) , documents like passport, visa, labour card, driving license, national id, leave, ticket entitlement, emergency/local/permanent address are maintained.

Statistics: Detailed list as well as statistical summary of staff by religion, nationality etc is available.

Pay Processing: Automatic calculations of salary components like overtime, leave salary etc ensure that salary is calculated accurately while time is also saved. Moreover, attendance data can be imported from attendance systems too. In addition, creation of WPS SIF files and cover letters for banks eliminates delays and errors. Payslips can be emailed to employees – a feature that saves paper and speeds up delivery of information.

Information & Reports: Various reports are available in HR2020 HR & Payroll system. Cost centre wise payroll report, bank statement, division/department wise payroll, Job/Project wise report, Leave, tickets and gratuity liability reports are some of them.

Cost Centre & Project/Job Costing: While cost-centre is more or less permanent in nature, projects are more dynamic in nature. HR2020 gives a cost centre oriented payroll report as well as Project/Job oriented.

Privileges, Privacy & Microsoft Access Security: HR2020 is distributed using time tested MS Access database system with it’s security built into it. Only valid users can use the system. In addition, the role based user privileges ensure that users are able to view, create, modify, delete only as per their job requirements. In multi-user environment, users (like HODs) can be restricted to have access to their own department’s data only.





·         Document Expiry Alerts

·         Passport, visa and other documents image storage and retrieval

·         Leave management

·         Ticket management

·         Gratuity calculations

·         Budget vs. Actual Hiring

·         Statistical information like nationality, religion, profession wise information

·         Monthly attendance and leave details

·         Monthly benefits (leave/ticket) settlement details

·         Loan recovery ledger

·         Personal record maintenance through notes and CV

·         Reminder alert during end of service

·         Passport, visa expiry alerts while entering leave application data

·         Company assets with employee maintenance

·         Pay calculation

·         Overtime, Sick Leave

·         Leave salary, Ticket value, Endo of service benefits

·         Payslip printing/emailing

·         Middle of month payslip

·         Special steps and reports to reduce mistakes

·         Rollback to correct mistake if any

·         WPS file creation

·         WPS cover letter for banks

·         Multiple SIF files possible for branches with different employer code

·         WPS file creation from history (previous months)

·         Unlimited company banks

·         Cost centre wise payroll report

·         Project wise payroll report

·         Liability statements for leave, tickets and gratuity

·         Non Standard (variable) income/deduction details

·         GOSI / PSSF processing

·         Multi user

·         Multi Company

·         Four levels of organization structure possible

·         Gratuity calculation rule setup

·         Leave days – include or exclude intermediate off days

·         Leave salary calculation rules option

·         OT1, OT2 and OT3

·         Banking OTs, off days for future adjustment

·         User types (Full use / HR only / accounts / PRO / Assistant)

·         Payslip emailing

·         Organization wise or Independent cost centre code

·         Project wise payroll

·         History – go back in any month for viewing that month’s information

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